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Inspiring Stories: ordinary people with extraordinary change



"I’ve been struggling with weight for most of my life. 😱BUT through this transformation, not only have I found a healthier me but positive attitude and mindset 🦋 . My life is far from perfect but I am grateful, thankful 🙏🏼 , blessed and truly happy. I hope you too can find your true happiness ☺️ "



"The first picture was taken the day my Marine son came home from Boot Camp on Sept 14th 2018 and he inspired me to change myself. At my heaviest, I was 320 lbs. I was miserable with myself. I had no energy and just felt miserable. I started this spring making changes in my life. I also started a optimal health program alongside my wife and I’m now a total of 110lbs lighter. All can say is mission accomplished!! Semper Fi!!"



" Photos bring memories and reminders of where we came from... and how far we have come in our journeys! I started this program after being told by my doctor that as we age... extra weight should be expected. At 48 years old, glad to prove him wrong! I lost 45 pounds!🙌 "



"I was tired of riding the weight roller coaster up and down my entire life.  I used food and alcohol as a crutch to deal with my emotions and was highly addicted to caffeine.  My exercise routine could not overcome my poor choices! After starting on program I went from 235 to 190 and have maintained that healthy weight.  I don’t need energy drinks anymore and find all my favorite outdoor activities much more enjoyable now that I’m not carrying around so much dead weight!"



"Here is my story. As a life coach and trained counselor, I recognize the importance of the holistic approach to health. The question that I asked myself was, “How can I find a program that is sustainable to maintain a healthy weight without dieting and remain healthy in the process as a lifestyle?” I have struggled most of my life trying to stay at a healthy weight. It was extremely tough because I was an emotional eater. I was also addicted to sweets such as cakes, cookies and etc. I have tried all kinds of weight loss diets but only to gain all of the weight back. I finally found something sustainable that cut my sugar cravings, heighten my energy, put me in fat burning mode, and help me understand the importance of healthy habits. I am so grateful and excited about this program that I decided to add health to my coaching business because I want to pay it forward and help others reach their goals."



" Photo 1: living a “normal life”
Photo 2: exercise + bad nutrition
Photo 3: less exercise + GREAT NUTRITION



Dan & Crystal

"My wife put these pictures of us together and I just can’t stop staring at them with absolute shock and amazement. I can’t help but think about the path we were on just over a year ago. I was in the early stages of type II diabetes, we would always have to sit at a table at a restaurant because I couldn’t fit in most booths, we would have to buy an extra seat on the plane when we traveled so we had enough room to be comfortable, and the only Big and Tall clothing store I could go to with a decent selection was a 40 minute drive away. It seemed everything we did had to be adjusted due to our sizes. Now, just thirteen months later all of those problems have diminished. My diabetes has greatly improved, we can easily sit at a nice comfy booth in restaurants, we can fly on a plane without an extra seat or seat belt extenders, and I can buy clothes ANYWHERE (I went from 5XL/6XL to L/XL in shirt sizes). I am so incredibly thankful for this program. It has given us our lives back. It wasn’t always easy and there were ups and downs along the way (on and off the scale), but in the end every single bit of it was worth it. We all have a journey…some will be longer than others. Don’t be so consumed with the speed of your journey. All that matters is that you are heading in a better direction than you were before. Trust the system and it can work for you."



" Wow, what a difference 1️⃣4️⃣0️⃣ pounds makes! That's my 16 year old daughter with me in the biggest size pants I ever owned!! 🤯 This program has literally changed my life. I'm so thankful to have found a plan that works to finally end the roller coaster weight battle I've been on most of my life. 😍 I am blessed to share this program with others as a coach, and I am so excited to reach my goal weight in the near future! 🎉 "


Michael (Mom Story)

" This is my 21 year old College Student Son, Michael! He has lost more than 100+ pounds all from Learning new Healthy Habits. He ate 6x a day, learned a new way to Fuel his Body and he did this without exercising! He has now started working out because he feels GREAT! He has changed the trajectory of his life FOREVER! I’m so proud of this Kid (Guess he’s not a kid anymore but you know...)I’m so happy to be his Health Coach and his Mom! He said it was ok to share his picture so that he could help other people know that it is possible! "



" After gaining every ounce I lost on "The Biggest Loser" back, I had lost hope.  "How was I going to get back to where I once was?"  I spent over 4 years in hiding, I felt ashamed, defeated and even depressed.  One day, while watching tv with my son, I noticed he was crying.  I asked him what was wrong and he looked at me with tear filled eyes only to say, "You're going to leave me!" I then asked him what he meant and he said, "If you don't fix your belly, you're going to leave me."  Immediately I knew that I had to do something.  So I reached out to my coaches who presented the plan to me and here we sit, through God's grace,  7 months down and 94 pounds lighter!  I am so grateful for the community starting at home with my wife and son but then all around who are supporting and encouraging me along the way! The difference this time is that I am in a different headspace, learning about optimal health which is not just about the food but creating a lifestyle conducive to health.  I still have a ways to go but with God's help and your prayers, I KNOW we are going to get there! "



"  "But what if I fail?” Does our program have a 100% success rate? Of course not. Otherwise there would be NO NEED for it because everyone would have done it already.  Honestly when I first started, I had some results but then I quit for several months. Why? I just wasn’t ready to get serious about my health.  And I didn’t fully utilize the system. I was embarrassed and ashamed... didn’t want to tell anyone what I was doing or ask for help from my coach. But when I came back... it clicked. I *fully* committed. And now I’m never turning back.  I realized that quitting on my OWN SELF isn’t something I did once. It was a choice I made over and over again... until I decided to stop quitting. Our program is for people who are ready to GET SERIOUS about their health.  Are you ready?"



"LAUGHING MYSELF TO HEALTH They called me all the “big boy” fat names and used all the jokes on me...I guess the joke’s on them now. I dropped 7️⃣8️⃣lbs in 4️⃣months and am now down a total of 1️⃣5️⃣1️⃣lbs. Thank goodness I found this program. It has truly elevated my awareness of health and gave me access to a life I never could have imagined‼️"